mitchell & ness nfl jersey

Mitchell & Ness Jersey Introduction


The Company

You may not have seen these in many generic sports shops, but Mitchell & Ness makes one of the best authentic throwback jerseys available. They have been around since 1904 and have been providing quality sporting goods ever since. Although they started as a sports equipment store, they quickly started designing uniforms for local teams and today they sell some of the best sports apparel on the market. They have licenses from the NBA, NHL, NCAA, and are probably best known for their headwear, but we’re all about NFL jerseys here and their throwbacks are truly exceptional.

The Jerseys

They have throwback jerseys from all your favorite teams and players back in the good old days. They replicate the jerseys as they once were. For example, they have Bob Lilly’s 1971 Dallas Cowboys jersey and even John Elway’s 1997 Denver Broncos jersey. These jerseys are perfect for anyone who’s all-time favorite player doesn’t play anymore, making it hard to find their jerseys.

The material the jersey is made of varies from jersey to jersey. They are usually polyester with some sort of mesh and screen printed names and numbers. Some of the jerseys, however, have stitched on numbers and names and a knit body. It’s just a personal reference as to what you choose to buy.

One type isn’t necessarily better than another and you’re likely to find a mixture of characteristics in jerseys. All types of jerseys from Mitchell & Ness are high quality and guaranteed to last. Each jersey has an embroidered Mitchell & Ness tag at the lower left corner, which is how you can spot a counterfeit.

Another great thing about these jerseys, aside from the fact that they’re spitting images of the originals, is how comfortable they are. The mesh maximizes the jersey’s breathability and makes it super comfortable. My favorite thing about these jerseys is the stories they all hold, like the time John Elway led the Denver Broncos to the 1997 Super Bowl. Or you can honor a player who has passed away by wearing a jersey from when he was in his prime.

The only possible downside of these jerseys is that they are a little pricy. I wouldn’t let that stop you because they are worth every penny and will hold a place in your closet as your favorite jersey. I spent $225 on Troy Aikman’s 1992 Dallas Cowboys jersey and hadn’t regretted it for a second; I love it.

My recommendation

I would recommend these jerseys to any real fan. You probably won’t want to spend $200 or more on jerseys if you just kind of like the player, but if you have an undying love and pride for a player and long for that nostalgic feeling of watching them dominate when you were a kid, these are perfect for you. Even if you aren’t a die-hard fan, if you know someone who is, I couldn’t think of a better gift than a Mitchell & Ness throwback NFL jersey.

They are long lasting and will never go out of style. The only concern you should have is picking just one. But then again, no one said you have to pick just one. I have a friend who has, along with a pretty fat wallet, about ten of these jerseys. They are timeless classics that Mitchell & Ness pride themselves on, so get one as soon as possible and you’ll see what the big deal is.