nike nfl jersey

Nike Jersey Introduction

As one of the biggest names in sportswear, Nike expanded its reach again in 2012 when they took over the NFL Jerseys from Reebok. Nike is known worldwide for their amazing quality products and innovative designs. They’ve also been known for their sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

On top of that, they’ve won numerous awards for both their designs and their practices. Their awards and accolades include being named as Fast Company’s number one Most Innovative Company for six years in a row, they were the number one ranked apparel/accessories company in the Climate Counts performance rankings and has been named in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for list. The official NFL jerseys come in three options.

The Game Jersey

The first option is the Game Jersey, which usually runs at about $100. The Game Jerseys are jerseys with your favorite players’ name and number on them. They are made out of 100% recycled polyester, which is great for the environment. The names and numbers are screens printed on the jerseys, which means the ink is directly on the jersey.

I love these jerseys because they’re super lightweight and the comfiest of the three, in my opinion, and ideal for when you have friends over to watch the game. There are panels of mesh on the side, adding to the comfortability.

Nike Limited Jersey

The second type of jersey is the Nike Limited Jersey. They are higher quality than the Game Jerseys and usually run around $150. Unlike the Game Jerseys, the Limited ones have stitched-on twill names and numbers, significantly increasing the lifetime of the jersey. They do, however, have screen printed team accents. While this jersey is higher quality, and closer to what the players wear, they are still comfortable and have the mesh panels on the side for breathability.

One of the best parts of this jersey is the Flywire-strengthened collar. This means that the collar won’t stretch out and get all loose, increasing the life of the jersey even more. The only downside of the Game and Limited jerseys is how well they fit. Sometimes you expect jerseys to run a little big, but these are exactly the size they say. An easy fix is just to order a size or two larger if you want it to be roomy. Finally, the last jersey and the highest quality one is the Elite Jersey.

The Elite Jersey

The Elite Jerseys are based on the actual jerseys worn by NFL players and are made from 91% nylon and 9% spandex. The fit of these jerseys is very different, they fit much like the on-field jerseys, with a snug fit in the chest and shoulder area. These are also strengthened at the collar with Flywire technology, preventing stretching.

The only possible problem with these is they don’t feel as lightweight as the other jerseys, they don’t feel like a t-shirt. This is because they are made of heavier materials and are made to withstand demanding on-field circumstances. They are extremely durable, run around $300 and they’re worth every penny. No matter what jersey you order, you’re guaranteed to get a few things. First, you’re guaranteed to get a jersey with a rubber NFL shield at the collar, showing that these are official jerseys and making them impossible to counterfeit.

They also all have mesh side panels for breathability, which I love, and they’re all machine washable. Finally, my absolute favorite part of these jerseys is the tagless collar. I hate itchy and annoying collars and with these jerseys, I don’t have to worry about it. The worst feeling in the world is having an itchy tag irritating your neck all day while you’re trying to enjoy the game and show your support for your favorite team.

These Nike NFL jerseys are perfect for any football fan. They are all super durable and will take your game day experience to the next level. I recommend these to anyone in the market for a jersey. They are the highest quality and the only officially licensed jerseys of the NFL. They come in men’s, women’s’ and kid’s sizes and have all the NFL teams.

I’ve bought myself at least five of these jerseys and I haven’t been disappointed yet. None of them have worn out, even after many, many game days. I’ve also bought them for friends as gifts, and they always love them. No matter the team or the occasion, these jerseys are perfect for everyone.