reebok nfl jersey

Reebok Jersey Introduction


Before 2012, when Nike took over, Reebok was the supplier of official NFL jerseys. They began in 2002 and supplied the jerseys for a decade. Like Nike, they offered three options of jerseys. They offered the Replica, Premier, and Authentic. Although they are no longer manufactured, there are various places you can still find them online and they’ve even become collectibles. The NFL Reebok Jerseys come in three options.

Replica Jerseys

The first of the jerseys, the Replica Jersey, is the least expensive option, and it still has excellent quality. It is made out of 100% nylon and has mesh, this mix of materials makes the jersey breathable and won’t make you excessively sweaty. The player number is on the front, back and sleeves. Along with the number, the name is on the back, and the team logo is on the sleeve. The number, name and logo are screens printed onto the jersey.

The Replica Jerseys mimic the jerseys players wear on-field and have a diamond weave pattern. They are lightweight and very comfortable, which makes them perfect for just lounging around or wearing them to your team’s next game. They usually sell for around $75, but it depends on where you buy them from.

Premier Jerseys

The next jersey, the Premier, is of higher quality and slightly more expensive. They are very similar to the Replica jerseys but are a little more “fancy”. The numbers and names are not screens printed; they are sewn in. By sewing the numbers on it makes the jersey last longer, and they only cost around $110. The Premier Jerseys are made of a heavier material with nylon diamond weave mesh.

Authentic Jerseys

Finally, the highest quality Reebok jersey is the Authentic Jersey. The Authentic Jersey is made of higher quality, heavier material, and are designed to be just like the on-field jerseys the team wears. Specifically, it is made from Pro-Brite polyester. Like the Premier, the Authentic has names and numbers sewn onto the jersey, meaning it won’t ever fade or peel. Although the Authentics are better quality, I prefer the Premier.

This is because the Authentic has a very different fit than the other jerseys. They are designed like the on-field jerseys, so the shoulders are bigger, so there’s room for shoulder pads. The jerseys are also usually just bigger in general, which is perfect for some people.

The Authentic Jerseys usually run between $250-300. All of the jerseys include the Reebok logo on the sleeve and the NFL patch at the point of the collar, which is great to keep in mind when looking for a real jersey. Some are harder to find than others because the selection isn’t as wide as the Nike jerseys, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find it.             

My Recommendation

These jerseys have only gotten better over time, although they haven’t changed. If you know a diehard football fan, an Authentic Reebok NFL Jersey would make a perfect gift they’d never forget. I love knowing I have something that there’s a limited number of, and that will never be made again. I highly recommend the authentic jerseys to anyone else who enjoys that feeling as well.